PTI Jalsa (23-03-2013)

A.O.A,I’m 21,name “sohail” & I’m a student.

Today was an awesome day of my life,but when I woke up this morning,I wasn’t expecting it to be awesome in that way it went,I knew about PTI Jalsa,but I wasn’t having any plans regarding jalsa,my friends left early to the jalsa,I then went alone to Jalsa,when I reached the venue,I saw some young girls & boys going to the venue,I became happy,that I’m not alone young here,when I reached the main gate,I saw thousands of ppl trying their best to get in,but gate was closed,I tried to use the other way,but there was no way in either,I came back at the main gate,& then imran khan’s jeep came,after 30 mins of useless wait,imran khan came out of his jeep,waved his hand,& ppl yelled…yyyyayyyyyyyyyyyyyy,he said,”give me way”,but nope…PAKISTANI AWAM jo thehray,after 20 mins of gap,he came out & as expected ppl started shouting Imran khaaaan,Imran khaaaan…

he then stepped out of his jeep & walked to the main gate like a lion,Zardaari would never do so,or could never do so,whatever…..

He went in & I stayed there,no hope to get in,I came back,searched a mosque to offer ASAR’s prayer,a student came & asked,”whom will you vote bro”? I replied ofcourse PTI yaar,you?He said,yes PTI,I came here to watch my leader,there’s no one else whom I can trust…

I came back after I offered prayer,saw metro bus full w/ ppl,never traveled in that bus,we don’t have hospitals in villages of Punjab & this GANJA Gang is busy in construction work…metro bus station was full w/ ppl coming to PTI’s jalsa lol,I thought how to get in,there were so many ppl,it was impossible to take a step back or forward….then I saw some morons climbing over the fence,I was so desperate to go into the venue,I also tried & got in(1st time in my life I did so 😉 )

so when I got in,I saw students everywhere,I can’t bid on crowd’s attendance ,but it was a huge crowd,inside & outside,if 2 lac ppl were in the venue,I’d proudly say,4lac were outside the,ummmmmmmmmm 4 lac,I’m just guessing,..

70% crowd was students,20% pathans & 10% normal public :P,I came in,then salman came out,they played a song by Janoon I don’t remember which one was that,when I saw flags waving,I was like,holyyyy shoooooooooooooooooot….I was shocked,crowd was so f’ing loud,several pppl came at stage,but we,the students & whole crowd was chanting “BAGHI BAGHI BAGHI BAGHI BAGHI BAGHI BAGHI BAGHI BAGHI”.crowd was alive,when Imran khan came,whole crowd yelllllled,yaaaayyyyyy,I was like,I’m in ROCK AM RING festival lol,flags everywhere oh it’s Sonisphere festival…..Pakistani falg was waving w/ pti’s flags..I saw an old woman waving PTI’s flag,for a moment,everything stopped for me except that woman.she was a poor old woman,I saw many kids w/ their parents having flags in their hands,they were there because they want change…I’m really sick of this family voting system,unc voted for PMLN,Oh you’ll have to vote too.MIAN Sahab naraz ho jaengy.mulk gaya bahar main,mian sahab ko mana lo pehlay,I know them all,they are pure actors,their way of speech….!!!!

This christian colony was burnt by PMLN’s morons,my friend told me,who’s unc is MNA of PML”N”..We all know,it was pre-planned .

I also saw a flag of PTI w/ “youth latop scheme” ‘s bag hanging on it’s top,I laughed when I saw the bag..

Students were pumped,Imran khan came & we all made noise,then because I wasn’t able to hear him clearly,I went back near to the speakers ,I sat there & started listening to the speech,which was going good,then suddenly it started raining.I really love rain,so I was ok w/ it,after some minutes,rain got angry & w/ mixture of wind,it came to kill our morals,but they were really very high,it was like tusnami,flags waving at full speed,media cameras flying ,they gave up & stopped filming the JALSA,at that time,I was really shi***ing my pants :P,it was raining cats & dogs,I was standing on a chair,It was not possible for me to stand on chair because of wind & rain,but I stood there,I was completely wet,wind was blowing then suddenly something touched my face,it was flag of my country which a guy was waving & he said”sorry bro”,I said,”don’t say it again,it’s my country’s flag,then for one more time,because of wind,that huge flag touched my face,that moment was truly awesome……

For about 20 mins,he kept going w/ his speech & we were standing on chairs ,jumping,clapping,shouting Pakistan zindabad.It was really an awesome experience,1st Jalsa of my life,a guy also tried to touch my hair asking,”are they real”??? I smiled & replied,yes :D,it was like,we all know eachother,we all were PAKISTANIS & we went there to bring change,INSHAALLAH change will come.

After his speech,ppl stood there for 20mins,waving flags,I ran back to the gate,there was water everywhere,I got completely wet,wind was very fast,rain was killer….

I got out ,& while getting out from gate,students were chanting “we want change,we want change,we want change”…

Every single person who went there,wasn’t a “KARAE KA TATTTU”,everybody came on their own,they spent their own money,you just can’t say,there was no public,& they were karae k was like a concert lol,awesome experience. I’ll vote PTI INSHAALLAH.My 1st vote for Imran khan,because there’s no other choice……..



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